What is TagYourShoes?

Shoes with soul

We are a footwear company that mix design and kindness with social media. Every season we choose good actions that we believe can make an impact in our communities.

These actions are part of the inspiration of the designs and are printed in the tongs of the shoes, followed by a # with an adjective that completes the name of the shoe.

This way, each act of kindness creates a limited edition shoe that aspires to inspire you to do the good deed and later share it with the world through social media by using the #name of your shoe.

How to TagYourShoes?


Under, or in some cases inside the shoes, you'll find the good deed that we suggest you do...

Do it!


Take a photo of yourself doing the good deed and share through social media, to inspire others to do the same!


Why TagYourShoes?

We are a socially responsible, hand made, norwegian, limited edition footwear company!

Every big change starts with a small step. TagYourShoes wants to inspire you to make this step by doing good actions.

By doing so, you spread your positivism to the world and inspire more people to do the same. One action won't change the world, but many can!

The shoes are the inspiration, the acts of kindness are the tools, and you, well you're #theDoer.

This is how we do it!

We mix creativity with kindness and get our own way of giving back to our society.

We as a company perform the good actions of our shoes in a big scale. sometimes we join forces with already existing organizations to perform the good deeds. some other times we create events in our own community in order to give back and inspire more people to do the same.

Every big change starts with a small step.

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