Home is where the ❤ is.

From Colombia with love
5. Mar 2018 luisa arango
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From Colombia with love.
Days in paradise!

Travelling is leaving home, it’s dressing crazy, saying everything and nothing in a postcard. It’s sleeping in another bed, it’s feeling that time is short. Travelling is to go back. Gabriel García Márquez

Home is where the ❤ is.

The love we get from our family is magic. It goes deep inside your soul and brights up everything. Sometimes, in order to move forward we have to go back to the basics, to our roots, to our family.

I went on this trip wearing my dreams and my heart in the sleeve. I was looking for something, but I didn’t quite knew what was it. But my family found out what I was in need of and gave it to me.

I was looking for laughter, and they made me laugh so much that I ended up crying on the floor.

I was looking for inspiration, and one afternoon sitting at my grandmas living room, I realised that everyone there was wearing Tagyourshoes.

I was looking for strength, and every hug and kiss they gave me made me feel like the strongest person in the world.

At one point I stopped being aware of what I was looking for and I found myself, smiling at everything, inspired, full of ideas and ready to take risks.

We tend to believe that the things we need are waiting for us somewhere far away, but maybe, just maybe they are right beside you waiting to be discovered.

Things I learned in this trip:
To smile more 100
To be more spontaneous. 100
To take risks. 100
To love hard without concerns. 100
To complain less. 100