The Women on a mission Bags

The Women on a mission Bags
22. May 2018 luisa arango
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When women come together, magic happens. 💃


The Inspiration

When designing the women on a mission bag, I wanted to make it so we could wear it at any time, in any occasion. I went for classic geometrical forms that gives the bag an elegant finishing making it at the same time eclectic. Just the way we women are. 🙋

These bags  are a celebration to all women, their accomplishments through history and our daily support to society. The quote “Women on a mission” printed in each bag are there to make an statement and start a conversation. ⚡

I believe that there is magic every time women get together and support each other, this is the reason why the quote in the bags are in plural.

And is also a little nice reminder that you are not alone in your mission, we are all behind you, cheering for you! 💁


Following the handcraft tradition of our shoes, the Women on a Mission bags are handmade in limited edition.

We decided to use vegan leather as the main material because it is very easy to take care of and also very durable. For the lining we went for our signature blue in cotton fabric.

Blue is our favourite colour in Tagyourshoes because it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. 👌

Bags for the women on a mission (aka you, and every woman you know).

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By Luisa Arango

Founder & Designer