Oh my! I am a proud member of the panel for integration of the Norwegian government.

Oh my! I am a proud member of the panel for integration of the Norwegian government.
23. Aug 2018 luisa arango

Oh my! I am a proud member of the panel for integration of the Norwegian government.

It’s funny I just realized that I am indeed an immigrant in Norway. Since I consider this place home, and I have been focusing both my time and energy in building Tagyourshoes, I never stopped to think about location.

So, you can imagine that it came as very positive, but still shocking news when I was asked to be part on the panel for integration of the Norwegian Government. Lead by the Minister of Education and with the seal of approval of the Prime Minister herself! (women crush alert 💘)

The panel counts with 12 people from different parts of the country, different backgrounds, experience and age. Our work will be to provide input for the improvement and development of the integration policy, as well as providing new ideas and perspectives.

I have to say, the first meeting was nerve wracking, but being in the same room with both people from the Government making an effort, and with these other 11 game changers, it was truly inspiring and humbling.

My speech was a very personal one. When it comes to immigration I believe every story and circumstance is different, therefor personal. It is impossible to think in one single strategy that fits all. We are people after all. In my case, I am an immigrant for my dreams. I have pursued them for more than 10 years through America, Europe and Asia. I understand the value of feeling accepted, loved and cared for in a foreign country. But integration is a two ways road. We both have to give and take in order to create a relationship based on trust and results. So why not add one question to the already extended questionnaire to immigrants that comes to Norway. What is your dream? When we are pursuing our dreams we work harder, learn faster and integrate quicker. Seeing someone working for their passion, inspires. And with inspiration comes understanding, acceptance and yes; integration.

The next meeting is set for the 11 of September, and I am already looking forward to seeing everyone and to hear all the unique and creative points of views about such a complicated subject. I will be arriving that very same day in Oslo after being 10 days in Guangzhou-China pursuing my dream of designing shoes that inspire.

“The biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams”


The shoes I wore to the meeting

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