Limited edition shoes for limited edition people

Aka du og alle andre, skynd deg 😉

Designet på Flisa

Eller som vi liker å kalle det, Innlandets fashion hovedstad 😎

Sjekk ut salget!

Er du heldig, så har vi fortsatt din størrelse ✨

Måned: september 2018

Tagyourshoes Men, styled by Ernst by Ernst

[spb_icon_box box_type=»boxed-one» box_icon_type=»icon» icon=»sf-im-suit» animate_svg=»no» target=»_self» animation=»none» animation_delay=»0″ animated_box_style=»coloured» animated_box_rounded=»yes» width=»1/1″ el_position=»first last»] Ernst by Ernst Bringing back elegance to everyday style. [/spb_icon_box] [spb_text_block animation=»none» animation_delay=»0″ simplified_controls=»yes» custom_css_percentage=»no» padding_vertical=»0″ padding_horizontal=»0″ margin_vertical=»0″ custom_css=»margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;» border_size=»0″ border_styling_global=»default» width=»1/1″ el_position=»first last»] The day we found Ernst by Ernst, we understood that we had found the clothing inspiration …

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From China with love

[spb_text_block animation=»none» animation_delay=»0″ simplified_controls=»yes» custom_css_percentage=»no» padding_vertical=»25″ padding_horizontal=»28″ margin_vertical=»0″ custom_css=»margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;padding-top: 25px;padding-left: 28px;padding-right: 28px;padding-bottom: 25px;background-color:#d1caca;» border_size=»0″ border_styling_global=»default» back_color_global=»#d1caca» width=»1/1″ el_position=»first last»] FROM CHINA WITH LOVE [/spb_text_block] [spb_gmaps size=»500″ type=»roadmap» zoom=»10″ map_controls=»yes» advanced_styling=»no» saturation=»color» fullscreen=»no» width=»1/1″ el_position=»first last»] [spb_map_pin pin_title=»First Pin» pin_latitude=»23.128994″ pin_longitude=»113.253250″ width=»1/1″ el_position=»first last»] This is a map pin. Click the edit button to …

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