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  • Oct112018

    The Best Guacamole

    Here is my fool-proof, authentic guacamole recipe. It beats my favorite Mexican restaurant’s every time. I’m sharing it with you today, hope you like it! 🥑+ 🍅+ 🍋+🌶= 🤤

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  • Oct052018

    The art of #Lykke

    I have being paying close attention to what makes me feel #Lykke, after a long list I decided two things. One, that I will divide in categories the different things that gives me #Lykke to be able to use them when I need them. And two, that I will design a pair of shoes that will give #lykke every time we put them on.

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  • Oct022018

    Månedens gode handling: ROSA SLØYFE-AKSJONEN 💞

    Oktober er måneden hvor brystkreft er i fokus, og vi vil derfor donere 30,- for hvert par damesko og veske som selges gjennom hele måneden til Rosa Sløyfe aksjonen 💞 Les mer her!

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