Winter Collection 18/19 A fashion show to be remembered!

Winter Collection 18/19 A fashion show to be remembered!
4. Feb 2019 luisa arango

A fashion show that felt like a dream come true. Luisa Arango

Clothing from Centrum textil

When thinking of our release of the collection 2018/2019 the word “smile” comes to my head. Since I designed this collection, which I think is by far the most Norwegian inspired collection that I have ever designed, I felt like the presentation needed an equally Norwegian place. Doing this at beautiful Negarden 1897 therefor felt like a call of destiny!

So when we found that we could do it at Negarden 1897 it felt like a call of destiny. The place is right in the middle of our home town Flisa and its grandeur is undeniable. With more than 120 years this house speaks class, tradition and warmth. Every corner tells a story that is inviting and that invites you to dream. You can see yourself in their website here. We took over the 5 different formal salons and over the master suite upstairs for the models. The house definitely completed the collection.

The photo crew was equally special for us, the students of  bjerkely folkehøyskole where in charge of the photography of the whole event and they shine and made us look great with their pics. This whole night was definitely about local business going together and creating a  fashion night to be remember.

A great location like Negarden 1987 needed amazing music. And we were lucky enough to get just that! The super talented musicians Elida Inman and Uno Møller (known from Team Me) where in charge of the rhythm of the night. And they did it in the most fantastic way! They even custom made melodies specially for the show, and made us feel like we were in an international fashion show!

The clothing and styling was in the hands of the incredible talented Centrum Textil. Their expertise in fashion is one beyond shapes and sizes, they see values, lifestyle and personalities. They always makes you feel fabulous! And this time around was not an exception. Their clothing enhanced our shoes and took them to a different level. The models, all real life men and women, of different ages and looks, shined on the catwalk and was their personalities and uniqueness the true stars of the night.

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Luisa Arango

Founder & Designer