Limited edition shoes for limited edition people

Aka you and everyone else, just be quick 😉

Designed in Flisa

or as we like to call it Innlandets fashion capital 😎

Gone in a flash ⚡️

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From Italy with Love.

#Felicità in sky blue

Leather Sandals Handcrafted by Italians Artisans exclusively for you.

kr 1 399,00

Good things comes to those who wait!


#Felicita is normal in size! If you are between sizes we recommend selecting the next size up. About THE ANKLE STRAP, before we send your pair of #Felicità we will contact you to cut to your own measurement the ankle strap, so we make sure your new summer sandals will be a perfect fit!

#Felicità is the Italian word for blessedness, bliss, a very great happiness & felicity. Everything we hope our new sandals will make you feel the first time you wear them.

It took us many years to find the perfect partner for us to design sandals, but it was worth waiting! #Felicita is following last years #Primavera, and will follow you through warm and happy summerdays.

Refined, classic and modern at once. With a trendy square silhouette, chic straps that hugs the feet and tie around the ankle, this is the perfect style that can elevate a simple jeans and top outfit or play along with a more dress up one.

* Square toe
* Leather upper, insole, lining, sock and outsole.
* Made by hand in Italy.
* Height: 1 cm

Due to the consequences and challenges that last year covid outbreak brought to our reality as a small company with an unique approach to shoes, we started thinking about how we could move forward in our company offering you the best quality and the best price possible.

Made-to-Order is not a new concept, it is how fashion was made in the past before mass production came along. It is for example how Haute couture‎ is made. Slowly, with great materials and care for the product and the artisan hands that makes them.

Made-to-Order means we will only produce what you order. After we close the pre-orders we pass them to our producer to prepare the raw materials and to start production. While you wait for your new sandals you will get fun weekly emails that will keep you update about the status of your new sandals.

#Felicità fits true to size. If you are between sizes we recommend selecting the next size up. Still unsure? Please contact our customer care team at info@tagdesign.no

To be sure about your sizing, measure your foot and compare with the table bellow. Don’t go for the exact measurement, better to have some toe space in front.

Instructions to measure your foot:

1. Place the sheet on the floor or on a flat surface. better if against the wall.
2. Place your foot on the sheet, keeping your heel close to the wall.
3. Mark the length of your foot on the sheet: one mark where the heel is and another where the longest toe is.
4. Remove your foot and measure the length from the heel to the toe mark.

36 –23.4
37 –24
38 –24.8
39 –25.5
40 –26.1
41 –26.7
42 –27.4

Our artisans are the magic behind #Felicità. We want to honour their unique narrative, and welcome you into the story that’s sewn into every pair.

DE.VI.L.SHOES S.R.L. is an artisan company making woman cowhide leather sandals which has been handing down its own experience from father to child for more than 50 years.

They follow 5 steps in the process of making sandals. First they purchase the cowhide leather at its natural state, then the design is made for that type of leather, manual immersion in a VEGETABLE colour follows by a manual finishing with brushes and as final step, drying at open air.

We believe that good shoes make you look and feel great. Why not to make someone else feel the same?

#Felicità comes with an act of kindness printed on a hangTAG, the idea is that the first time you wear your new sandals, you also do the act of kindness and later TAG it on social media to inspire others.

Fun fact: This concept gave the name to our brand! TAGyourshoes. first was the act of kindness later came the shoes 💙

Why to Choose Made-to-Order?

More Unique!

Every pair will be made following each individual order, your new shoes will have your soul since day one on them!

More Sustainable!

By only making what you order, we don't sum up to the over production problem of the fashion industry.

More Honest!

No unpredictable, tricky price changes that leaves us a bittersweet feeling.

Smile, your new shoes will leave a smaller footprint in the world, but a big one in your heart!

One of the reasons we in Tagyourshoes are committed to ONLY produce in limited edition, is because we firmly believe that we can have a smaller footprint in our world. By doing & consuming slow fashion we can all start to heal our planet together one pair of shoes at the time.

Pay it forward!

Any opportunity to make someone feel extra special is always a good opportunity! Every pair of tagyourshoes comes with a Tag with an act of kindness on it. The idea is that you will do the act of kindness the first time you wear your new Tagyourshoes and later Tagged in social media to inspire others.

Made to last!

Looking for unique, high quality shoes?Our Made-to-Order experience is here for you! Made only after you have pre-order, each pair will have imprinted your soul on it. Made in certified leather and handcrafted by artisans every Made-to-Order pair is as unique as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Made-to-Order is a “new” concept and we want you to be super informed about how it works! If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please send us an email and we will be super happy to help you!

Our Tagyourshoes Made-To-Order designs are sold in batches, and are only available for purchase within the designated sale time. Once they are sold out we close our sale to focus on making the shoes, while designing our next one.

While you wait for your new shoes, you will get fun, informative emails about the status of your pair of Made-to-Order shoes as-well as a couple of surprises along the way!

You can also see our limited edition products available for immediate delivery here!

We make shoes from size 36 to 41. Usually our fit is standard European, but occasionally the style can vary. 

If you’re unsure about your size, or have any questions, please drop us an email or direct message us via instagram at @Tagyourshoes We’ll be happy to help. 

This is an interesting story! Depending on the season, the design and the materials, each design in Tagyourshoes Made-to-Order will be made in a factory that meets the necessities of the design.

Our first release will be made in two countries very close to our hearts. Colombia and Italy.

Both factories are family run businesses that has been going for many years, specialising in handmade leather shoes. They have a track record for supporting the innovative crazy ideas. We’re proud to have our shoes made by them.

Tagyourshoes Made-to-Order shoes are made the “old way” slowly, with great care and attention to detail, so we make our shoes once we know what exact sizes and colours we’re making. The production process takes around 4-6 weeks depending on how busy our factory is.

We keep you informed at every step of the way, showing you your shoes being made and what they are up to in weekly email updates.

Of course! We do everything we can to minimise the chances of your shoes not fitting, however it can happen.

If your shoes doesn’t fit, you just need to return them in perfect un-used condition, and it will go to the happy home of the next person on our waiting list.

Only good (shoe) days ahead!

While you wait for your Made-to-Order shoes...

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