Limited edition shoes for limited edition people

Aka you and everyone else, just be quick 😉

Designed in Flisa

or as we like to call it Innlandets fashion capital 😎

Gone in a flash ⚡️

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#theCharmer in Black

Classic rubber outsole with texture for traction and comfort

kr 899,00

Limited Edition of only 50 pairs.

Hurry up! Only 1 items left!


These shoes are normal in size.

If a shoe could speak: “I knew you were a charmer since I saw you coming! And I think that’s the reason why we are meant to be together. We both love to make people smile and to create fun memories on the go. Take me as your new lucky charm to the office, dinners or parties. I promise I deliver in any occasion. Already thinking about our next move together? Let’s make it happen!”

* Premium wax cow leather
* Leather lining
* Classic rubber outsole with texture for traction and comfort.
* Comfortable cushioned footbed.

Your new shoes comes with one of our 4 acts of kindness, the idea is that the first time you wear your new Tagyourshoes, you also do the act of kindness and later tag it on social media to inspire other people to follow your kind footsteps.

1. Spray new shoes with a waterproof protector. It will keep the surface from getting marred if they do get wet in the rain.
2. Clean the insides. Swab them with alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil, an antifungal agent. Take care not to splash to avoid staining the leather.
3. Use shoe trees. They help retain the shoe’s shape.
4. Polish leather. The salt in sweat dries out leather over time; polishing regularly keeps it supple.

Smile, your new shoes will leave a smaller footprint in the world, but a big one in your heart!

One of the reasons we in Tagyourshoes are committed to ONLY produce in limited edition, is because we firmly believe the fashion industry needs a change. We want to be part of that change by creating timeless, long lasting products instead of over producing trends that last for a short time and pollute our planet in a big scale.

Pay it forward!

We like to think that our shoes are more than just shoes. we like to think of them as tools for kindness. Every Tagyourshoes product comes with a tag with an act of kindness on it. The idea is that you use that tag to make the act of kindness and later @tagyourshoes telling the story to inspire others in social media.  

From Flisa
to the world!

Our shoes has in their DNA fresh air & the smell of the woods. Each pair is made to withstand the Norwegian seasons, we work with 100% wool fabrics and fur, rubber soles with traction and high quality leather. Your new shoes are made so you can enjoy  the Norwegian weather.  You know what they say, there is not bad weather just bad…

Only good (shoe) days ahead!

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