Limited edition shoes for limited edition people

Aka you and everyone else, just be quick 😉

Designed in Flisa

or as we like to call it Innlandets fashion capital 😎

Gone in a flash ⚡️

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Rubber boots #Eventyreren

Handmade in natural rubber, these boots are ready to play!

kr 350,00

Limited Edition rubber boots inspire by the Norwegian country side 🚜

Hurry up! Only 320 items left!


#Eventyreren is normal in size, you can find the insole length in the images. 

#Eventyreren is inspired by the amazing sea side towns in Norway, the colours, the views, the animals and with the special participation and a children favourite the TRACTOR! 🚜 There is no puddle out there safe now!

#Eventyreren has been crafted by hand and its made out of natural rubber and every pair has been vulcanised. ( A very fancy process that makes the boots fully waterproof and durable ⚡ ) To be completely sure that these rubber boots are ready for a high impact action (Kids Stuff 😎 ) we tested them for a constant use of not 50.000 but 75.000 times. And you know what? Not even after that heavy use they got broken! 

Let the adventure begin! These rubber boots are ready to run, jump, dance, play and splash. Kids approved, mommy and daddy approved,, I mean we even show it to some grand parents and they totally love them! (for real 😉 ).

I designed these rubber boots to inspire kids to be explorers and adventures of their surroundings, to create curiosity about what is around them and to inspire them to be creative and active. I wanted to design a unisex style that will inspired all children a like. 

1. Wash the boots with warm water and mild liquid dish soap when they become dirty. Mild soaps will not break down the silicone coating on the boots. Use a soft sponge or cloth, not abrasive scrubbers or brushes.
2. Allow the boots to air dry at room temperature. Avoid speeding up the process with heat as this will make the rubber break down.
3. Store the boots, when not in use, standing up out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. They can be stored in a cold room over the winter with no damage.
4. Apply a silicone rubber conditioner monthly during regular use and before storing for the season. Silicone conditioners are available from shoe stores and some hardware stores.
5. Spray the conditioner onto a lint-free cloth and apply to the boot. Buff away any excess with a second, clean cloth.

Smile, your new shoes will leave a smaller footprint in the world, but a big one in your heart!

One of the reasons we in Tagyourshoes are committed to ONLY produce in limited edition, is because we firmly believe the fashion industry needs a change. We want to be part of that change by creating timeless, long lasting products instead of over producing trends that last for a short time and pollute our planet in a big scale.

Pay it forward!

We like to think that our shoes are more than just shoes. we like to think of them as tools for kindness. Every Tagyourshoes product comes with a tag with an act of kindness on it. The idea is that you use that tag to make the act of kindness and later @tagyourshoes telling the story to inspire others in social media.  

From Flisa
to the world!

Our shoes has in their DNA fresh air & the smell of the woods. Each pair is made to withstand the Norwegian seasons, we work with 100% wool fabrics and fur, rubber soles with traction and high quality leather. Your new shoes are made so you can enjoy  the Norwegian weather.  You know what they say, there is not bad weather just bad…

Only good (shoe) days ahead!

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