Who is TagYourShoes?

We’re a Norwegian born men’s, women’s and kids footwear brand. We design shoes inspired by the Norwegian culture and landscapes with luxury high quality materials. By selling directly to you, we can offer incredible value for the quality.

What is your design philosophy?

Our ultimate goal is to make you smile with our products, we are very inspired by Norway and we add unique design details that evoke our inspiration in every pair of shoes. We source the highest quality materials to make our shoes a perfect fit for the Norwegian weather. In the end it will be the best quality for an amazing price.

How do you deliver such high quality at prices much lower than the competition?

By focusing on selling direct-to-consumer and cutting out the model of having retailers mark shoes up 2.9x we can make great product and sell it to you directly for less.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer Standart European sizes

  • Men’s sizes from 40 to 46, 47 in some styles.
  • Women’s sizes from 35 to 41.
  • Kids sizes from 23 to 32.

Can I see TagYourShoes in real life?

YES!! And we do love visits 🤗 Our Flagship location is in the charming town of Flisa in Hedmark. Here you can try, buy and have a cup of Colombian coffee with the designer 🤳 Click here for the exact location📍

Do you include something in the order explaining how to TagMyShoes?

Yes we do! In the back of your box you find the 3 steps about how to TagYourShoes. 💙

How do I use the act of kindness tag that I received with my shoes?

The idea is that you use the tag to perform the act of kindness thats on it. The tag is the fiscal tool that you can use to perform the act of kindness. Once you have done it, we encourage you to shared in social media using #Tagyourshoes to be an inspiration to more people and to help us fill social media with positivism. By using the #Tagyourshoes we can also track your act of kindness and use your story to inspire even more people. If you dont want to share your act of kindness on social media, you can always submitted to this email 😊

How you as a company perform the acts of kindness?

We perform the acts of kindness in many different ways. Sometimes we partner up with existing NGOs thats help us to have a bigger impact with our acts of kindness. Some other times we act locally and spread happiness around our own community. We are committed to do them daily in bigger and small scale.

Who is the designer?

LUISA ARANGO IS A COLOMBIAN ITALIAN FASHION DESIGNER THAT BELIEVES IN DESIGNING PRODUCTS THAT INSPIRE. Born and raised in Medellin Colombia, Luisa grew up aware of social injustice and inequality. It wasn’t until she had worked in different areas of the fashion industry in Europe and Asia that she felt the responsibility of building a brand that mixed design with social change. After having participated on a creative activism called “21 days of kindness”, the idea of using fashion as a tool to create a positive impact materialised. TAGyourshoes.

“It´s all about the feelings you can inspire in someone’s life with the products you design”

Shipping & Returns

What is Tagyourshoes Return & Shipping Policy?

Relax! Returns to us is very easy. You always have 14 days full refund of your unused goods in undamaged original packaging. The time is counted from the day you got your order delivered. You will get your refund when the goods are returned to us. You are responsible for the return and fright cost of item back to Tag design. Items lost during transport will not be compensated, so we recommend a trackable shipping method. Please return package well wrapped. Refund only when the goods are returned in full condition. We recommend you try your shoes over a carpeted area first to prevent stains and marks on the soles. If there’s a sign of wear on the soles you may not be eligible for a return. We do not refund the cost of return delivery unless original delivery was incorrect.

How much is it for shipping?

If you live in Norway then its nothing, zero, nada, FREE!

How long will it take for my order to ship and deliver?

We are fast, really fast 📦💨 Your order should arrive at your pick up point or door within 2 to 5 business days. 😊

Can I edit my order after it has been placed?

You cannot modify orders once they are placed. But you can give us a call or write us an email and we do it gladly for you! Click here for our phone number and contact form.

How do I redeem my TagYourShoes.com Gift Card?

Redeeming your TagYourShoes.com Gift Card is easy! Simply enter the digit code (exactly as shown – including the dashes) in the box labeled “Gift Card” at Step 2 of checkout, then hit “Apply” before submitting your order. If redeemed properly, you will see the discount reflected in the total on the right side hand of your screen.

My TagYourshoes® shoes/bags are defective. What should I do?

If the TagYourShoes, shoes or bags you purchased from our website or are damaged or otherwise show material or manufacturing defects, please contact Customer Service via telephone or email.

Sizing & Product Info

How are Tagyourshoes sized?

Some of our styles run true to size, while other styles will run from a half to a whole size large. But do not panic ☺ Please read the info about sizing specified for every product in their own page. If you have any doubt, click here to give us a call or write us an email.

The item I want is sold out, how can I get it?

Well, it is true that we are limited edition 😎 if the item is sold out then most likely it will not back in stock. But just to be super sure and if you really really want it, contact us and we can double check it for you.

What kind of materials are the shoes made of?

Our materials change according to the season. In winter we use thicker leathers, mixed with wool and rubber soles with traction. In the summer time we use breathable materials mixed with thiner leathers and rubber soles. We ensure to use the best quality in all the materials, being at the same time very committed to make shoes that causes the less impact possible to the world.

Are the shoes suitable for the Norwegian weather?

All of our shoes are specially designed for the Norwegian/ Scandinavian weather. We make sure that our design have the right quality and technical details needed for the weather conditions in Northern Europe.


Where are the shoes made?

All of our shoes are 100% handmade in China. We spend big part of our time in the factory ensuring that our high standards for both quality and social responsibility are reached.


Pre-ordering allows you to reserve select products early. The product will also ship to you on the first available date.

How do I pre-order?

  • Select your size
  • Click “buy“
  • The product(s) will be added to your cart
  • Proceed to checkout as normal. Please note: Products in your cart are not reserved. You must complete checkout to guarantee your order.

When will I be charged for my order?

During checkout, you will be prompted to enter your payment information, but you will not be charged until the product ships.

When will I receive my order?

The shipping date is listed beneath the “PRE-ORDER” information on the product page. Standard delivery times apply. Pre-ordered products deliver separately and will not be sent with any other Nike products you ordered. Your online order status and delivery confirmation emails will include the pre-order information. You will receive a separate delivery confirmation email when your pre-order ships.