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Limited edition kids rubber boots designed in Norway. Free shipping to the whole Norway and free exchanges. Welcome!

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    Rubber boots #Eventyreren

    Let the adventure begin! These rubber boots are ready to run, jump, dance, play and splash. Kids approved, mommy and daddy approved,, I mean we even show it to some grand parents and they totally love them! (for real 😉) #Eventyreren is inspired by the amazing sea side towns in Norway, the colours, the views, the animals and with the special participation and a children favourite the TRACTOR! 🚜 There is no puddle out there safe now!I designed these rubber boots to inspire kids to be explorers and adventures of their surroundings, to create curiosity about what is around them and to inspire them to be creative and active. I wanted to design a unisex style that will inspired all children a like. 
    #Eventyreren has been crafted by hand and its made out of natural rubber and every pair has been vulcanised. ( A very fancy process that makes the boots fully waterproof and durable ⚡) To be completely sure that these rubber boots are ready for a high impact action (Kids Stuff 😎) we tested them for a constant use of not 50.000 but 75.000 times. And you know what? Not even after that heavy use they got broken! 📏 #Eventyreren is normal in size, you can find the insole length in the images. Cool facts:  There is only 500 pairs of these cute rubber boots in the whole  🌍 & They were designed in Flisa-Norway 🇳🇴 
    kr 350,00
    kr 350,00
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    kr 200,00kr 1 500,00
    kr 200,00kr 1 500,00
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    Rubber boots #Lysglimt

    Rubber boots for boys and girls! 👦  👧If you think that drawing a smile on your children face is the best feeling in the world, imagine sharing that smile with other children that really need it one. Together with the Super Selma Project, an organization that works tirelessly to bring happiness and hope to children with cancer in Norway, we have designed these comfortable, warm and super cute rubber boots.The boots tell the story of Selma, an incredible and unstoppable girl who was diagnosed with cancer as a three-year-old. With the help or her parents (and now with your help) she not only fought her battle, but also chose to help other children and parents who found themselves in the same situation by casting a #lysglimt - a ray of light into their lives. 5% of every pair sold goes to help Selma in her task of drawing smiles and giving hope.Share a smile! :)
    • Natural rubber
    • Neoprene lining
    • Wool insole
    • Anti-slip sole
    • 3M Reflex at the back
    • 100% free of Phthalate
    kr 549,00 kr 199,00
    kr 549,00 kr 199,00