Monday, July 13 2015

Today was a #HappyMonday! We had decided some time ago that we would like to visit the elderly people at Åsnes Nursery Home and give the people, who have spent all their life making a future for the rest of us, a reminder of love, exemplified as a beautiful, flowes.

We had already asked the local florist, Flisa Blomsterhandel, if they could support our mission with flowers. As always, they love to help out doing good deeds and gave us almost 80 flowers!

When we arrived to the nursery home, we got invited to one of the meetings where some of the residents where reading the newspapers together. Since it`s a small, local paper, they had probably read about our shoe brand from before, because many of them seemed to know who we were. It was so nice to see how they thanked us for the little surprise we had for them on a normal Monday.

After this first encounter, the manager walked with us through the long halls of the nursery, and we got to give away all our beautiful flowers. It truly was an amazing feeling to see the joy and happiness in their faces when they understood that someone that never had met them before wanted to give them a flower, just because we wanted to.

#GiveFlowers is an easy, but great way to make the world around you a little better place. Please join us the next time we will do the action, so many more people who deserves a little attention gets it, even though we don`t know each other.

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