#GiveFlowers Sønsterud bofellesskap       

Flisa-Norway 2014

“The Fragrance remains on the hand that gives the flower”                      Ghandi


To give flowers is maybe one of the oldest ways of saying to someone that you care about them. You feel seen and love when you get them and that feeling stays with you and every time you see those flowers it makes you smile because you remember how you felt when you got them. You create a lasting feeling by giving them.

With this idea in mind we decided to go to one of our local retirement homes and give flowers to everyone living and working there. Who deserves a flower more than ­those who have given us love for so many years? It is extremely important to make our elders feel seen and loved. They have lived their life building a better future for all of us and we shouldn’t simply forget them because they are not around us any more.

The flowers were given to us by a local flower shop owner who understood the potential reach of our action this day. And true, it was an amazing felling to show up there, get the possibility to say a few words about why we felt this was a right thing to do. Ghandi`s words became understandable when both the residents and the employees returned the warmth to us, a feeling that would stay with us for a long time afterwards.

Give flowers to someone who don`t expect them from you, and you`ll see what it`s all about!

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