#HashtagLunchbag Colombia

Medellin, September 2015

One of our favorite acts of kindness is to #InviteSomeoneForDinner, and it was time to take #HashtagLunchbag to a new country. To us, it made perfect sense to take this movement to Colombia because our designer, Luisa, is Colombian and we learned firsthand of the reality of the less fortunate people there.

Colombia has one of the strictest stratified social systems in the world. The differences between poor and rich are really big and by the years this gap has just become bigger. Among the groups of the most affected people in the society by inequality are the elders and the youth. The lack of a good education system that is equal for all the social levels has caused big gaps in how we treat our elders and younger populations.

With this panorama in mind we decided to do two different #HashtagLunchbag events in Medellin-Colombia. The first event we did was in collaboration with an institution that protects homeless elders. They offer them a place to stay, food and medical care. For one afternoon we offered them company, a lunch bag, music and tons of love.

The second event we did was at the orphanage for abused girls, called Casa de la Chinca. We spent the morning talking about the future, education and we shared lunch bags with around 200 of them.

After these two events we strengthened our idea of how much you can do for other people by just sharing your time, and in this case, by inviting them for dinner.

“If you can be anything, be kind”

To know more of #hashtaglunchbag and maybe create your own event go to www.hashtaglunchbag.org

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