International BBQ

Friday 11 of September 2015

There is nothing that says “I care” as much as inviting someone to dinner, and that’s exactly what we wanted to say to the people living in our local refugee camp in Hovelsåsen.

The menu consisted of an organic vegetable soup that was made and donated by farmers from our community, and chicken hot dogs donated from different supermarkets here in our town. We also got cake and muffins from the local bakery, flowers to decorate the party by our local florist, and even a singer that helped us to set the mood with his performance!

This day was a true example of a community coming together and working towards a common goal; to make the people living at the camp feel included and welcomed in our community.

We finished the day eating, singing and dancing to African and Arabian music, sharing life stories and even more importantly, our plans for the future. We need to remember that being a refugee is not something you choose, however it is something that none of us should ever experience.

We challenge everyone to be an agent of change and do something for those who need us the most right now. We invite you to go to your local refugee camp and ask what you can do for them, no matter how small it might be, every gesture is a step towards a better future.

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence”

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