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Aka du og alle andre, skynd deg 😉

Designet på Flisa

Eller som vi liker å kalle det, Innlandets fashion hovedstad 😎

Sjekk ut salget!

Er du heldig, så har vi fortsatt din størrelse ✨

This is who we were, who we are and who we want to be...

We are so happy you that want to get to know us better! Since 2012 we have been working really hard with one mission in mind: To Make Sure That Our Shoes Will Make You Smile! We know it’s an ambitious goal, but it’s what we strive for. In a world full of changing trends and instant gratification, we believe in long, lasting smiles in the shape of shoes.

This is who we were...

On December 12 of 2012, I (Luisa 🙋🏽‍♀️) arrived from Madrid to a little town in the middle of the woods in Norway. Funny enough the first introduction to my new small home town  was a grammatical one… In the Norwegian class the teacher explained that you don’t say i Flisa, BUT  på Flisa…  That’s when it hit me, if my new town was an exception to a grammatical rule it has to mean that this was a special town! 😎

And… special places deserves special business, so we set us on a path to create a limited edition, kind, honest shoe brand.. which would be sold online only and that would be produced only in limited edition. (Part business model, part  because we only had money to produce 50 pairs of each style… 😅)

At that time I was participating in a challenge called 21 days of kindness. The idea was to make one act of kindness every day and share it in social media to inspire others. After those 21 days, I can say everything made sense to me. When we use kindness as a language to present ourselves to the world, well… the world smiles back at you ✨

So it was decided, every single Tagyourshoes product would come with a Tag 🏷, with an act of kindness written on it. The idea was that the first time you wear your Tagyourshoes, you also do the act of kindness suggested and later tag it in social media to inspire others. 

Can you see where our name comes from? Tagyourshoes 💙

Now, let's talk acts of Kindeness...

Remember our goal of making you smile with your Tagyourshoes?  Well this is the first step. We thought long and hard about the acts of kindness that we will be having on our tags, and we landed in 4 that we think inspires and delivers empathy, love and care. All basic things we all can’t have enough or share enough of  💙 

Give Flowers to Someone 🌸

Giving flowers to someone might be the easiest and oldest way to say to someone that you care about them. Here are a few reason to give flowers to someone: To Show your appreciation, to show your excitement, to show your sympathy, to say you’re sorry, to uplift someone’s mood, to say what you can’t say, to wish someone well, to show your love, just because…

Make Someone Smile 😁

Though we all want to make someone happy or smile, we get so caught up in our work and lives, that we forget to do beyond what is expected of us. Here are a few ideas in how to make people smile: Give a genuine compliment, reach out to someone you miss, tell someone you’re proud of them, give a «big» tip, give thanks, smile to strangers in the street. 

Give a Compliment 😎

A kind, genuine, thoughtful compliment has the power to turn someone’s day around in an instant and make them feel proud, happy, and appreciated. Here are a few tips to give thoughtful compliments: Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel. Then, think about why you appreciate that quality. Be specific. Done right, even seemingly superficial, compliments can make someone’s day.

Invite Someone for Dinner 🍴

Have you heard the saying «the way to a man’s/woman’s heart is through his stomach» ? Here are a few ideas of when you can use food to draw a smile on someone face! Deliver a tasty meal to a friend or a stranger in a time of sickness or exhaustion. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you. Buy a meal for a stranger that you see in the street. Invite an old friend for a lunch date. Make lunch for a friend that is a mom. Don’t forget to include a short note if you can! that will be the icing on the cake 😉

This is who we Are...

In January 2020 we received the news that our whole collection for the year would be cancelled. A couple of months down the line, life as we knew it was completely disrupted because of covid-19.

We were left in a very confusing and scary position as a company. Our main question was how can we continue to make you smile with shoes in this new life scenario?

We did a soul search and we came to the conclusion, that the best way to keep on in making you smile with our products it was to give you something to look forward to.  And there was no time to lose 🏃‍♀️  So, we pivoted our entire business model to On Demand Only.

We named it Made to Order, which means Made for You! From now on we will produce only what you pre-order. While you wait for your new shoes to arrive (aprox 4 to 6 weeks) we will take you into a digital adventure that will give you a full access behind the scenes of your new shoes, the culture of the producer that is making them, and our entire creative process. 

Made to Order gives us more tools to deliver a greater value that goes beyond our shoes to you. It allows us to don’t play a role in the over production problem of the fashion industry. It gives us a more controlled production where we can source ethically our raw materials and it gives us the time to deliver a truly inspiring & positive online digital experience to you! 



Made to order style summer 2021

Good things comes to those who wait!

With our made to order model, we hold off on production until you have told us what you really want. This way,  we are able to make better products for you and the planet Together. This Is How It Works: 

1. We launch all the new styles for the season.

2. You Pre-Order the styles you like the best.

3. You will get weekly emails telling you in real time the status of your shoes within the production process. 

4.  After 4 to 6 weeks you will get your made to order shoes! Ready for the current season.

Are you willing to wait for a better product?

More Unique!

Every pair will be made following each individual order, your new shoes will have your soul since day one on them!

More Sustainable!

By only making what you order, we don't sum up to the over production problem of the fashion industry.

More Transparent!

No unpredictable, tricky price changes that leaves us a bittersweet feeling.


Made to order style spring 2021


Made to order style spring 2021

The shoes are sooo beautiful and comfortable! Unbelievable 👌 this process has been so exciting, from the start and to finally have the final result here! Love it, would have done it again! No question about it!!

Emilie Nohr Kokkin

Som å gå på en sky! Lette sko å ha på føttene. Enkle å sette på og å ta av. Flott design og kan like gjerne brukes til kjole/skjørt som til bukse/shorts. Hva mer kan vi ønske? Angrer IKKE på kjøpet ihvertfall👍

Tone Holtet

Åh..absolutte perfect, love them 💗 💗💗 Perfect size, design and the whole experience! 🤩 👏

Malin Sjøenden

This is who we
Want To be...

We can also call this our manifesto, our ultimate dream, the reason why we wake up every morning and try with everything we have to make it happen.

We dream of being a community of like minded people, that loves fashion, made right. Made right for you, for the people that produce it and for the planet. Fashion that represents our ground values. 

We have always said Tagyourshoes is more than shoes, and this is because we see us in the future making all sort of products that puts smiles on your faces 😃

We have make specific goals that we hope will keep the vision clear, we are not making easy promises here, but we do have the sincere desire to improve all the sides of our business that has room for improvement today, and in the future.

Before we jump into our big dream, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to grow by your side!

here is our Manifesto for the present & the future.


Our first goal is to trace every step in the production chain. To achieve sustainability we have to be able to have an overview over our entire production cycle, starting from the origin of our raw materials to the single production phases, ending with the passage to you.

We strive for traceability  because it promises us an honest, direct connection with our products. Most importantly, it will lead our production in an informed and therefore more sustainable way.

Glomma view Spot, Flisa

A responsible Manufacturing model.

With our made to order business model and with the absence of intermediaries, flash sales or overproduction we truly belive we can keep waste low and your satisfaction high.

We want to do slow and intentional products that you can enjoy for as many years as you want and why not, later pass them on proudly.

Giving Back

Making sure we make people smile is printed in our insoles and in our hearts. We have a desire to support concrete actions that has a positive impact in the communities we are part of. 

We are small still so we try to make the biggest impact during the Christmas season which is one of our best in terms of sales. During this season we match every pair sold with one Christmas present to less fortunate people in Colombia. 

Christmas presents to children in need 2018-Colombia

The people behind the brand.

Hei hei! i am


Founder & Designer of Tagyourshoes. I hope you are doing great today! I am born and raised in Colombia, but I also got an Italian grandma so we can say I’m also Italian… (If you meet me please don’t ask me to speak in Italian… I’m terrible and I think I’m not! )

One of my biggest passions in life is fashion. I love how I feel when I wear something that I like. It makes me feel empowered, and ready for any challenge. But above all I love the craftsmanship behind fashion. It’s art! To see how an item takes form, the stories of the people that makes it… Gosh it gives me goosebumps just to think about it!

But this page is not about me! So if you are curious about anything just open the chat and ask! (yes i’m the one that answers… small business, check ✓)

I hope you will feel inspired by our dreams of making unique shoes just for you! Thanks for reading all the way until here 😅,

Have a wonderful day! 


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