Limited edition shoes for limited edition people

Aka du og alle andre, skynd deg 😉

Designet på Flisa

Eller som vi liker å kalle det, Innlandets fashion hovedstad 😎

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Repeat after us,

We are fully committed with designing shoes and accessories that represents you in your full uniqueness. Designed in Norway and produce in limited edition only.
Tagyourshoes is a new approach to shoes and accessories. It’s about producing only what we need, with the quality we deserve, at the right price.  How do we do it?  We listen to you and we only sell directly to you!
Casual, formal & everyday leather shoes that matches your personality.
Made in vegan leather any of these pieces will keep you on the mission.
Comfortable, unique and easy to wear leather shoes inspired by you.
The Norwegian countryside at our little ones feet.
All of our shoes and accessories comes with an act of kindness printed on a hangTag. The idea is that the first time you wear your new TAGyourshoes you will also use the TAG to perform the act of kindness and later TAGged in social media to inspire others to follow your kind foot steps.

Favourite women shoes right now

«Den følelsen og den fargen»

«Skoene er helt supre. Gode å gå i fra dag en. Liker at det er gummisåle nå om vinteren, sklir mindre og drar med meg mindre søle og stein inn. Grønnfargen er helt perfekt!»  Tina S.H about her pair of #theAuthentic in Green

Favourite accessories right now

«Elsker min svarte tote bag»

«Min tote bag er blitt favoritten blant veskene mine! Den er super som overnattingsbag, når eg er på shopping osv. Den rommer utrulig mykje, og eg har fått mange kompliment for den. Tusen takk ❤️ »   Siri E. about her Tote bag in Black

Favourite Men shoes right now

«Veldig fornøyd! «

» God passform, kul design, kjapp og svært hyggelig service og levering. Artig og gjennomtenkt innpakning. Personlig hilsen i esken. En bekjent kjøpte to par sko dagen etter jeg fikk mine. Good stuff!»  Bjørn K.B about his pair of #Fryktløs in Black

We believe you deserve to wear products that represents who you are. Thats why we went on a mission to find the best suppliers that will help us to produce only limited edition products that will represent you in your full uniqueness.

Designed in Flisa

Our shoes has in their DNA fresh air, the smell of the woods and the magic of discovery.

Hand Made

Just a few pairs at the time, our shoes are made with great care by passionate artisans.

Limited Edition

With no more of 50 pairs per colour, we make sure our shoes will be as unique as you are.


Because we really believe your most beautiful asset is your smile our shoes will inspire you to give back and draw a big smile in other peoples lives.

From Flisa to the rest of Norway!

All of our shoes are designed in our little hometown Flisa, from here we have shipped more than 6000 pairs of shoes since we opened in 2013, and with only 0,5% returns we are very confident we can be your new favourite pair of shoes.

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